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Records Viewing Numbers for SSA Live

SSA Live coverage powered by Pro1 Race Parts courtesy of Ash Media of the recently held SSA National Super Sedan Title broke all sorts of records.

Lets look at the numbers:

Peak viewers at one time 3,533

Unique viewers: 34,494

Average watch time: 5:01

Engagement: 5,406 (approx. 9.500)

Reach: 105,884 (approx. 160,000)

On top of this during the lead up to the event our Facebook page had record numbers of engagement with a huge a huge reach for the majority of our posts leading up to the title.

To explain these numbers further, the coverage had the largest peak views of any title we’ve ever done. 3,533 was the maximum number of people tuned in to the coverage during the A Main. When compared to last years Super Sedan Title, it only had a peak view of approx. 1,600 people. Previously the SSA biggest ever peak view was last season Modified Sedan Title at Kingaroy which saw 2,566 peak views during the night final of the broadcast.

Unique viewers is the number of people that watched more than 10 seconds of the stream. A better stat is over 11,000 unique devices watched over 1 minute (which gives a better indication of those that actually stopped and watched the coverage).

The reach simply means the number of people that saw our stream in their news feed. The exciting thing about this, approx. 160,000 people saw the SSA and Pro1 Race Parts logo in their news feed as that always sits across the top of our live stream screen.

Engagement is the number of shares, likes and comments which shows a massive number of people heavily involved within the broadcast.

We would like to thank everyone that watched the event and to the following for making it all possible:

Pro1 Race Parts
CoolDrive Auto Parts
Racetech Steel
Speedway Sedans Victoria
Kelley Body Works
Speedway Sedans Northern Territory

All these partners will be helping us bring you the live and free coverage of the upcoming iRacing event being held next week and will continue to be part of our broadcasts of the 3 remaining National titles for 2020 when they are held later this year.

These numbers are so exciting and signify the growth and popularity of SSA sedan racing in this country and how it is going to new heights nationally.

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