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Harper Claws His Way To Gutsy Grand Prix Victory

Callum Harper has clawed his way through the field to win his second Super Sedan Grand Prix at the Gulf Western and Independent Oils Raceway Latrobe on Saturday night.

After major mechanical issues on the opening night, Harper was able to qualify tenth for the fifty lap main event which would have multiple National Champion, Darren Kane and fellow Queenslander, Sean Black on the front row.

Matt Pascoe and Adam Beechey would start on row two, with David Nichols and South Australian Ryan Alexander on the third row.

Darren Kane, who has never won the event, would lead for the first four laps, before Sean Black made his move, to take the lead on lap five.

Behind Beechey in fourth, many positional changes had already been made in the early stages, with Dave Gartner dropping to tenth, with Harper making one position.

Placings remained close but unchanged out in front after fifteen laps, with veteran Victorian, Mick Nicola Snr starting to make his presence felt, moving to fourth after being eighth in the early stages.

Meanwhile Harper had moved to seventh at the expense of David Nichols and Ryan Alexander.

Defending Grand Prix Champion, Matt Pascoe made his move on lap twenty four, passing Darren Kane to take second place, as Harper who was still seventh started to make his move.

On lap twenty five, Harper passed Adam Beechey to move to sixth, then two laps later passed Nicola Snr to move to fifth. Steve Latham who started on the same row as Harper had also moved through the field and was in fourth place on lap thirty, when Harper moved in and relegated Latham to fifth with twenty laps remaining.

Sean Black was honing in on the biggest win of his career, with Pascoe and Kane chasing, as Harper started to close in.

With fifteen laps remaining, Darren Kane would be the next driver to be passed by Harper whos ascension to the top was almost complete.

With ten laps remaining, Matt Pascoe was the next driver to be passed by Harper, as the National Champion set his mark on Sean Black.

The stunning rise to the top was complete with seven laps left on the time clock, with the National Champion passing no fewer than seven State and National Champions to claim the lead. The concluding stages, would see Black try and pass Harper, but Harper was able to hold on to down a gallant Sean Black by three car lengths. Matty Pascoe was a close third, well clear of Darren Kane, Steve Latham and David Nichols who rounded out the top six.

Focus will now move to this week, where a one night event will be held in Carrick on Thursday night, before the Grand National in Hobart on Saturday and Sunday nights.

A Main, 50 Laps: 1. A1 Callum Harper, 2. Q26 Sean Black, 3. Q1 Matty Pascoe, 4. Q36 Darren Kane, 5. T8 Steve Latham, 6. T3 David Nichols, 7. V3 Mick Nicola Snr, 8. S47 Ryan Alexander, 9. T41 Adam Beechey, 10. S1 Dave Gartner, 11. T79 Jason MacPherson (49 laps), 12. V0 Lucas Roberts (49), 13. T61 Laura Davidson (49), 14. N21 Darren Anning (49), 15. W99 Lee Aylett (49), 16. N23 Andrew White (49), 17. Q77 Sam Roza (47), 18. S93 Kym Jury (12), 19. T48 Wayne Dillon (0), 20. T16 Corey Smith (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.896, Fastest Lap: 16.123 Q36 Darren Kane

Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography

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