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Buszan Fastest In Practice

Brandon Buszan is the surprise package so far in the SSWA WA Junior Sedan Title thus far, setting the fastest lap in official practice tonight at Moora Speedway.

Buszan recorded a 20.354 second circulation in practice session nineteen, taking advantage of the track coming in at the right time as the sun finally set.

He would be just 0.034 seconds faster than Blake Iwanow, who recorded a 20.388 second lap in session twenty two to be second fastest while Jackson Derrick was a further 0.064 seconds further back in third place.

Forty seven cars out of the fifty three nominated cars practiced, with the top thirty cars separated by less than one second.

The biggest incident of the evening was in session thirteen when Mikayla Woods went sideways coming out of turn two and clobbered the back straight wall, bringing out the yellow lights, while the rest of the twenty two practice sessions went relatively incident free barring some flat tyres, some steering issues and a couple of brushes with the wall.

Scrutineering will be held from 8am tomorrow morning, with action getting underway in earnest tomorrow evening with night one of heats, followed by Sunday night where there will be a final round of heats before the C, B and A Main events. Live results will be posted on the SSA Facebook page and website, while Race Monitor and live audio will also running.

Overall Fastest Times
1. W198 Brandon Buszan 20.354
2. W24 Blake Iwanow 20.388
3. W27 Jackson Derrick 20.418
4. W22 Luke Malcolm 20.571
5. W195 Lachlan Dellar 20.709
6. W88 Izzak Delaporte 20.711
7. V4 Todd Atkins 20.712
8. W21 Jack Dalton 20.720
9. W74 Jorj Park 20.744
10. W19 Bradley Short 20.774
11. W42 Nathan Carter 20.795
12. W66 Seth Hinsey 20.803
13. W63 Bryden Southwell 20.832
14. W108 Blake Webb 20.847
15. W31 Ethan Cooper 20.849
16. W95 Kayne Dellar 20.852
17. W33 Dylan Parkes 20.866
18. W13 Blake Fletcher 20.893
19. W26 Rory Elsum-Beaumont 20.934
20. W7 Zac Minshull 20.946
21. W9 Mitchell Baker 20.960
22. W124 Aiden Doak 20.963
23. W15 Matthew Thomson 21.042
24. W12 Jesse Steele 21.085
25. W84 Beau Oldfield 21.131
26. W18 Hayden Mortimer 21.172
27. W83 Corey Ameduri 21.200
28. W119 Joshua Ahearn 21.214
29. W5 Bronty Fraser 21.229
30. W113 Elysha Cooper 21.349
31. W23 Jae Noonan 21.452
32. W2 Tyler Fraser 21.457
33. W73 Darryl George 21.486
34. W71 Alex Swift 21.587
35. W47 Rohan Thomas 21.634
36. W295 Chloe Dellar 21.651
37. W49 Bianca Kennedy 21.705
38. W121 Taj Vanzetti 21.708
39. W86 Ahryn Curtin 21.741
40. W96 Izzak Davies 21.776
41. W343 Tanika Webb 22.049
42. W67 Nikita Donohoe 22.105
43. W25 Jasmine Arnold 22.562
44. W59 Erika Vary 22.621
45. W123 Brock Johnson 23.291
46. W44 Mikayla Woods 23.368
47. W75 Tylah Steele 24.693

Details and photo courtesy of Scott Beattie

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