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Who Will Be King in 2018?

The sixth Modified Sedan Kings Royal will be held this weekend at the Ian Boettcher Race Parts, Kingaroy Speedway, with a massive entry list, all attempting to win the $10000 first prize.

Seventy six drivers have entered the three night event which will have the National Champion, plus three current State Champions as part of the line-up.

National Champion, Matty Smith, will be joined by Queensland Champion, Rodney Pammenter, Victorian Champion, Aidan Raymont, and the well travelled West Australian Champion, Clint Noakes.

The field is a literal whos who of Modified Sedan racing, with the majority of the field having claims to winning the event, which has only ever had two winners, Greg Worling and Gavin Fletcher, both who have won it twice before, after the initial Kings Royal was washed out completely.

Worling is in this years field, and will again be hard to beat. Last year, Worling accounted for Brett Baxter, Rodney Pammenter, Lincoln Bath and Mark Raymont, while Justin Drew finished sixth. Worling can also lay claim to being the only driver in the history of the event, to finish all four Kings Royal Features.

The format for the event has changed over the years and this years is probably the most exciting.

Thursday night will see each driver afforded five hot laps, followed by two ten lap heat races each. Friday night will see each driver compete in three heat races each, again over ten laps. These will be the last heat races of the three night event. The points after two nights will then be accumulated with the top sixteen automatically guaranteed a spot in the A Main, but that may not necessarily be the starting positions, with every driver still having a chance to make the event. Drivers will be placed in to Dashes conducted over eight laps, with the first two drivers in each dash advancing to the back of the next. This exciting format, will enable a driver who may have had dramas on the opening nights of racing, to still make the 50 lap main race.

The entry list is the third largest in Royal history, but if all drivers start the event or even sixty nine of the seventy six entered, it will be the largest starting line-up in the events short but illustrious life.

Modified Sedans will be joined by Street Stock and Production Sedans on Thursday night, while Junior Sedans will be support act on Friday night. The inaugural Queens Royal will be held on Saturday night, with racing scheduled to commence at 5.15pm on Thursday.

All of the action will be broadcast live on Speedway Sedans Australias website, Channel 3.


A1 Matty Smith
Q1 Rodney Pammenter
V1 Aidan Raymont
W1 Clint Noakes
BB2 Tim Atkin
MK2 Jason Boss
L3 Greg Worling
N3 Ross Nicastri
RK3 Tony Gaunt
G4 Glenn Pagel
V4 Brock Atkins
MK5 Kent Menzies
V7 Justin Drew
SB8 Aaron Seiler
G8 Lee Steffens
SB10 Pacey Clegg
V11 Nick Cockerill
VA11 Wayne Ramsdale
GL11 Tony Coomber
SC11 Steve Blackburn
B12 Jake Hawkins
MK12 Brodie Boss
SB14 Matt Langton
M15 Josh Arthur
L15 Max Clarke
SB17 Aaron Alcock
MK19 Wayne Gilroy
CN21 Johnno Collins
M21 Kent Shelford
N22 Paul Egan
SC22 Shannon Blackburn
SB24 Scott McDermott
CR24 David Head
CN26 Brett Brady
G27 Mark Raymont
CR27 Shane MacDonald
SB27 Raymond Dales
V29 Marcus Reddecliffe
CR33 Darren Ciesiolka
SB36 Ty Galley
L36 David Jacobi
SB44 Ashley Barron
N45 Brad Wise
V45 Peter Walters
V46 Kye Walters
SB48 Brett Barron
SB54 Mick Shelford
MK54 Darren Hawkings
MK56 Darren Severs
C58 Tim Weir
SB59 Darren Lester
V61 Matt Nelson
CR62 Tim Smith
L62 Jordan Biviano
M63 Brayden Pacey
SC63 Ty Francis
B67 Jamie Love
MK68 Gary Pagel
B69 Steve Love
CR69 Jason Schloss
C69 Russell Harris
RK71 Kev Young
CR72 Shane Langton
CR73 Lee Volk
MK75 Myles Gilroy
CR78 Peter Gray
SB83 Jarrod Peacock
V87 Aaron Bunton
SB88 David Barbeler
C89 TJ Horne
ACT92 Clint Watson
CR93 Jason Beer
CR95 Kerry Lack
G97 Brad Yarrow
CR99 Wade Cunningham
CR111 Peter White

Photo of National Champion, Matty Smith courtesy of Linda Savage

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Saturday, 12 May 2018 Gympie Speedway Channel 3