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MJS Round Great Form Guide To Nationals

In what will be the final Street Stock event at Adelaide Motorsports Park, prior to the Speedway Sedans Australia, National Street Stock Title, a massive 45 entries have been received for Saturday nights MJS Street Stock Series round.

The field includes drivers from the Northern Territory and Victoria, joining a long list of South Australians, with National Champion, Rhys Heinrich amongst the huge field.

Last Saturday nights winner, Carey Weston along with Mark Jennings, who broke a track record are both entered, as is former National Champions, Robbie Faux and Anthony Beare.

Racing is sure to be highly competitive, with many drivers currently in good form, including Lenny Bates, Jayden Edwards and Matt Nelson.
With 73 drivers currently entered for the National Title, this event on Saturday night will be a great guide to what can be expected in a months time at the National Title.

Racing commences at 6.00pm CDST


S0 Moss Buchanan
A1 Rhys Heinrich
S2 Anthony Buchanan
S6 Grant Harris
S7 Craig Buchanan
S8 Paul Hayes
S9 Andrew Hardacre
S10 Kooper Greig
V11 Robbie Faux
S12 Darren Flatman
S14 Nigel Reichstein
NT15 Sam Brumfield
S17 Carey Weston
V18 Brooke Ferguson
S19 Phil Watson
S21 Mark Jennings
S22 Tony Prideaux
S27 Cade Cox
S28 Ben Whitehead
S31 Adrian Wright
S36 Adrian Jones
V39 Corey Sandow
NT43 Simon Spitzbarth
S46 Anthony Beare
S53 Kasey Staker
S55 Matt Maynard
S58 Neville Nitschke
S59 Haydon Jolly
V61 Matt Nelson
S62 Trae Ballantyne
S63 Cody Heinrich
S66 Keenan Richards
S68 Brian Exner
S69 Matthew Seidl
S71 Todd Rose
V74 Lenny Bates
S77 Jo Storer
V79 Wade Fell
S86 Bailey Heinrich
S87 Jayden Edwards
S89 Andrew Jordan
S91 Darren Brumfield
S96 Wayne Fosteris
S97 Jamie Stewart
S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr

*Photo courtesy of Snapperific Photography

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