Duo Eliminator Attracts Big Field For Redline

The Duo Mobile Street Stock Eliminator will be held this Saturday night at the Redline Raceway, Ballarat, with in excess of forty drivers entered for the unique event, which sees drivers eliminated from the main race the longer it goes.

Each driver will receive three eight lap heats, prior to the B Main and a Top Eight Shootout.  The thirty five lap final will see twenty four starters, with the race stopped after ten laps, when drivers positioned between seventeen and twenty four will be eliminated.  The direction will then change for the next ten laps, at which time a second stoppage will be called to eliminate drivers positioned between nine and sixteen.  The final eight drivers will then fight out the remaining fifteen laps, with the direction changed again to determine the winner.

Darren Giacometti, who last Saturday night won the Queensland Title, is a part of the big field, and will be looking to continue his good form.  Lenny Bates who finished on the National podium is also entered, as is Mick Dann, Brooke Ferguson, Jason DeGoldi and Michael Clark, to name a few of the drivers who will be prominent on Saturday night.

Racing commences at 4.30pm EDST.


RDL0 Mick Dann
RDL4 Dean Jenkins
RDL5 Des Birkin
C5 Darren Matthews
B11 David Missen
RDL12 Darren Giacometti
DDA13 Jaidyn Dredge
RDL13 Andrew Burgoyne
G16 Collin Tate
RDL18 Scott Secombe
B18 Brooke Ferguson
AV19 Eugene Bennett
N21 Nick Hill
HO21 Jamie Collins
B23 Shaun Henry
RDL25 Jamie Crutchley
RDL27 Jason DeGoldi
RDL34 Hayden Organ
C36 Stuey Robinson
AX36 Debbie Jones
RDL37 Darryl Atkinson
RDL38 Scott Purdie
RDL39 Mark Purdie
B39 Gerrard Mabbitt
RD41 Darren Forrest
W42 Chris Hay
SH46 Kevin Apps
B48 Micahel Clark
RDL48 Mick Hetherington
G51 Troy Hose
S55 Matt Maynard
B55 Aaron White
B62 Jayden Blomeley
RDL63 Darren Paisley
C66 Belinda McCoubrie
B69 Darren Ward
AX74 Lenny Bates
RDL77 Peter Crutchley
RDL78 Benjamin David
C83 David Barrie
AX98  Lee Beach