Giacometti Breaks Through For Maiden Title Victory

Darren Giacometti from Victoria has won the Queensland Street Stock Title at Mothar Mountain Speedway, Gympie on Saturday night, holding on to take the victory in a desperately close finish, where the first four cars were separated by just 0.895 of a second.

Victorians Robbie Faux and Matt Nelson would occupy the front row for the forty lap main event, with Matt Nelson leading the opening lap, before Faux assumed control of the race.

Giacometti moved to second place on lap five, relegating Nelson to third.

Many drivers failed to see the finish of the race, many never made it to the half way mark, including John Lodge and Mark Jennings, both of whom made it on to the National Title podium only a week earlier.

Positions behind Faux continued to change, with Giacometti, Nelson and then Anthony Beare all occupying second place in what was a great battle.  

The defining point of the race occurred just four laps from the finish, when Matt Nelson challenged Robbie Faux for the lead in Pagels Corner.   A restart resulted from contact, and Faux was sent to the rear of the field.  Nelson led the restart, but was immediately challenged by Giacometti, as Beare and Brad McClure became involved in a four way challenge for the lead.  McClure who started from position sixteen, dropped as far as third last in the twenty two car field, before clawing his way into contention late in the race.

In a desperate scramble on the last lap Giacometti held off Anthony Beare by a mere 0.137, to defeat Beare, McClure and Nelson in a race which took just under an hour to complete with numerous stoppages throughout the race.

Defending Champion, Stephen English had an event he would rather forget, starting at the back of the A Main, retiring from the race, four laps from the finish.


C Main – 12 laps: 1. SB88 Nathan Barbeler, 2. AX14 Megan Forrest, 3. SB10 Jack Stead, 4. SB48 Sheree Barron, 5. RK3 Ryley Haynes, 6. C82 Jonathon Crown, 7. G11 David Priddy, 8. C88 Josie Thompson. DNF: SB96 Ben Langton (9), G33 Ryan Kahler (9), BB93 Fletcher Smith (7). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.422. Fastest Lap: 20.586 AX14 Megan Forrest. 

B Main – 20 laps: 1. T10 Matt Hammond, 2. C12 Luke Hollyman, 3. S132 Andy Maxwell, 4. RDL27 Jason Degoldi, 5. T28 Dale Riley, 6. S7 Craig Buchanan, 7. C83 David Barrie, 8. SB88 Nathan Barbeler, 9. RK88 Troy Langley, 10. AX14 Megan Forrest, 11. RK23 Matthew Storer, 12. SB10 Jack Stead, 13. W40 Andrew Norton, 14. RK53 Gareth Keith (19), 15. S2 Anthony Buchanan (19), 16. C99 Peter Thompson (19), 17. SC28 Michael Freeman (19). DNF: W21 Evan Wakefield (16). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.601. Fastest Lap: 20.116 S132 Andy Maxwell.

A Main – 40 laps: 1. RDL12 Darren Giacometti, 2. S46 Anthony Beare, 3. AV24 Brad McClure, 4. AX61 Matt Nelson, 5. RDL27 Jason Degoldi, 6. RD41 Darren Forrest, 7. S132 Andy Maxwell, 8. MDA26 Corey Sandow, 9. C12 Luke Hollyman, 10. C66 Stuart Robinson. DNF: MDA16 Robbie Faux (38), G22 Stephen English (36), T10 Matt Hammond (36), SH51 Scott Bull (29), B19 Brooke Ferguson (25), AX74 Lenny Bates (25), SB7 Travis Hutchison (25), C18 Ricky Throckmorton (19), W38 Bob Wakefield (18), LTN11 Mark Jennings (13), N28 John Lodge (1), RD71 Leigh Gooding (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.137. Fastest Lap: 19.793 MDA16 Robbie Faux.