Golden Helmet Series Heads To Toowoomba

A large field of Modified Sedans will compete this Saturday night at the Hi Tec Oils Raceway, Toowoomba, in the latest round of the Golden Helmet Series.

Thirty three drivers have entered, including series leader Rodney Pammenter who holds a commanding lead of 92 points over Russell Harris who is also in the field.  Queensland Champion Gavin Fletcher has had some bad luck in the early rounds of the series, but has had strong performances in the past at the Toowoomba venue and will be looking to replicate that form on Saturday night, to get himself back into contention in the series.

Brett Barron and David Jacobi who are fourth and fifth in the series are also in the strong line-up, which also includes former National Champion, Aidan Raymont who makes his series debut, Nathan MacDonald and Wade Cunningham.

Pammenter has won two Feature events this season, one at Kingaroy and the other at Toowoomba, with a win on Saturday night, going a long way towards sealing the series victory.

Racing commences at 5.30pm EST, with events also scheduled for Production Sedans, and the Queensland Super Sedan Title.


Q1 Gavin Fletcher
N1 Rodney Pammenter
SB6 Brad Stein
SC10 James Elliott
G8 Lee Steffens
SB10 Pacey Clegg
SC11 Steve Blackburn
SB36 Tim Smith
SB14 Matt Langton
BB15 Tim Atkin
L22 Jason Jolley
CR23 Robert Trapp
N24 Gerry Flood
SB24 David Head
SB27 Raymond Daley
G28 Aidan Raymont
CR32 Nathan MacDonald
L36 David Jacobi
SB48 Brett Barron
SB51 Chris Hams
SB59 Darran Lester
N62 Bryan Mackney
SB62 Matty Smith
C69 Russell Harris
SB69 Jason Schloss
CR72 Shane Langton
CR73 Lee Volk
CR77 Mick Langton
CR78 Jason Gray
C89 TJ Horne
CR95 Kerry Lack
SB99 Wade Cunningham
CR111 Peter White


1 Rodney Pammenter 470   11 Chris Hams 216
2 Russell Harris 378   12 Gavin Fletcher 215
3 Brett Baxter 334   13 Peter White 213
4 Brett Barron 333   14 Pacey Clegg 204
5 David Jacobi 277   15 Gerry Flood 187
6 Jason Gray 274   16 Lee Volk 179
7 David Head 274   17 Matty Smith 162
8 Wade Cunningham 268   18 Tim Atkin 150
9 Greg Worling 267   19 Gavin Lorensen 135
10 TJ Horne 255   20 Brendon Kelly 133