Modified Memorial This Weekend

This Friday and Saturday nights at the Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway, will see two big nights for Modified Sedans, with Friday night  being the Ken Tatnell Memorial, which has attracted the biggest field of Modified Sedan competitors for the season.

Craig Williams won the last memorial event in November, but it was Matt Farrell who stole the show last Saturday night at Latrobe, when he went through the night undefeated.

The field also includes Trent Quillerat, Brodie Piper and Jake Taurian are all in the field for both nights.

Racing commences at 6.00pm EDST, with events also scheduled for Junior Sedans


T2 Matt Farrell 
T3 Tomas Hext
T9 Jacob Williams
T13 Brodie Piper
T17 Craig Williams
T21 Joshua Stephens
T23 Paul Quillerat
T26 Andy Russell
T27 Joshua Marston
T32 Marco Taurian
T37 Luke Williams
T46 Trent Quillerat
T72 Jake Taurian
T87 Brendan Mitchell