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National 4's Specification Manual

  1. National 4's Specification Manual December 2018 - Click Here
  2. SSA Class Technical Manual December 2018 - Click Here
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  6. SSA Sedan Update Janaury 2018 - Click Here
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  8. SSA Sedan Update October 2018 - Click Here
  9. SSA Sedan Update December 2018 - Click Here


National 4’s are built from a hard-top 4 cylinder mono passenger road car. If unsure of model options refer to Glasses Dealers Guide, www.automobile-catalog.com or a car park check if required. Utilities, panel vans, station wagons and four wheel/all wheel drive not permitted. If using a four wheel/all wheel drive car, then you must select front or rear wheel drive prior to car’s registration. Other drive option must be disabled. All controls for the vehicles operation must remain on the right hand side.


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